We Did It! Puppy Mill Sales Ban Passed

Great news! The ban on the sale of puppy mill animals passed. Here’s some info from the 33rd Ward’s site:

  • Today, in the City Council, the puppy mill ban passed.
  • This ordinance, formally called the Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Ordinance,basically bans sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits within city limits if they aren’t from a shelter or rescue group.
  • Currently, many consumers unwittingly support the puppy mill industry. An estimated 99 percent of dogs sold in retail stores are from puppy mills where industrial scale breeding takes place to maximize profit.
  • Alternately, the City’s shelter system takes in 20,000 dogs annually, and we spend $300,000 annually to euthanize unrescued dogs; by banning the sale of puppy mill puppies within city limits, we hope to see more hopeful pet owners rescuing animals from shelters and providing happy homes.
  • Learn more about the ordinance and the efforts of City Clerk Susana Mendoza, who introduced the ordinance, here.

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