Free Money! Great Hearts Initiative

Help us earn funding for Phase II of the dog park by signing up with the Great Hearts Initiative, an organization that helps non-profits raise money for free! Corporate sponsors fund the money given away each month through the site. All you need to do is sign up then watch your email every Thursday morning for a message from Great Hearts on how to donate your free cash (known as “clicklets”). Each clicklet is worth $1 and when you donate it to Horner Park Dog Park, we get that cash! Every week is a little different, sometimes it is as simple as donating the clicklets they put in your virtual wallet and other times you may be asked to click through to other charities on their site and be introduced to them. No matter what the request, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! You do not need to invest any money, just about 3 minutes of your time every week. How easy is that?

Please click this link to sign up:

Sign up here to give us Free Money!

One caveat – our donors have reported that the site is much easier to access on an actual Mac or PC, as opposed to a mobile device. So to prevent any user frustration, please access your laptop or computer to give away your clicklets!


Horner Park Dog Park















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