*UPDATE* 3/24/21 Construction Progress

3/24/21 – UPDATE: We are excited to report that the contractors were able to make significant progress over the last couple of days. They poured concrete and installed benches today.  The next step will be laying the pavers. They will then install the hydrants, repair the fencing, and prepare the site for reopening. With a little luck, we hope to welcome everyone back in the dog park by late April. Fingers crossed for nice weather! We will keep you updated as we get further information. Please note that this phase does not include the turf or other landscaping. We are still fundraising for that portion of the project. Thanks! https://hornerparkdogpark.org/donate/

3/19/21 – UPDATE: We have been informed that the construction work will resume soon. Eyes on the street have informed us of some construction activity earlier this week, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of that shortly.

3/5/21 – UPDATE: Construction on the dog park continues to be delayed. Snow and icy conditions in January and February prevented crews from working. Now that we have had a warm up, the ground needs to thaw and become dry before they can resume. Unfortunately we do not have a timeline from CPD, but will keep you updated here and on our social media pages once we do.

1/20/21 – UPDATE: Construction on the dog park has met with some delays. Although CPD anticipates all deliveries will be received by the end of the month, further progress is weather dependent. They will need a series of warmer dry days to complete the work. As such, they could not give us a firm completion date. Thank you for your continued patience. 

1/5/21 – UPDATE: We still do not have an exact date on construction completion from CPD, but we are anticipating construction to run at least through January. We’ll post more info as it becomes available to us.

Original Post: Construction is officially underway and will take approximately six to eight weeks.  Please keep checking our Facebook, Instagram and/or this Website for updates.  We will do our best to keep you informed. We ask that you kindly respect the closure signs and also respect city and park ordinances which prohibit off-leash dogs in other areas of the park or on the tennis courts.

Waiting won’t be easy, but you will have an autumn red brick paved entryway, a drinking fountain for people and for pets, a water play area complete with a water-spraying red fire hydrant, a separately fenced off small dog area, and benches to look forward to.  Because we did not have enough funding, the turf play fields and other landscaping and amenities will have to wait. Note that we are still taking donations to that end: Venmo, Paypal, Mailing a Check and other options for donating can be found here. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. Stay well. 


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