⭐️Thank You!⭐️

A big doggo thank you to Alderman Rossana Rodriguez and Alderman Matt Martin for their support of the dog park.  With their help, we were able to send the final construction plans to the Chicago Park District. The estimated cost of completion of the dog park is $250,000 which includes: a water fountain, paved entryway, small dog area, water feature for cooling, turf play fields, benches, and landscaping among other improvements.

We have already raised $185,000 and are hoping to add $25,000 through the Participatory Budgeting process–so again, please vote! http://tinyurl.com/vote4dogs In addition, we plan on raising $30,000 more from offering honoree benches–stay tuned for exciting details!! and the remainder of the funding will come from generous donations from people like you. Please help make 2020 the year the dog park gets done. Here’s to no more mud!

VOTE Menu Funds for DOG PARK! UPDATE: We Won!! Thank You🥰



Participatory budgeting is underway in the 33rd Ward. Here’s your opportunity to help provide $25K to help complete the dog park. What does this mean for you?

If you live in the ward and are 14+ years, you can get a ballot by clicking here: https//:tinyurl.com/vote4dogs. It takes 1 minute out of your day, please help💚💙🐾 You may also vote in person at the 33rd Ward Office: 3001 W. Irving Park Rd. Office: 773-840-7880 for hours and deets.

So, How close are we to being fully funded? We are within striking distance, and the $25K from the Participatory Budgeting vote will get us that much closer. In round numbers, here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Estimated Cost of Completion: $250K
  • Funds Committed: $185K
  • Amount Needed to put Project out to Bid: $65K (if we get the $25K from the Participatory Budget Process, this goes down to $40K)

Please Note: We will not have final costs until the project is put out to bid. The project can not be put out to bid until we have raised the estimated amount of the project. As such, costs are always subject to change. However, we wanted to ensure that we are being as transparent as possible, so that you, our neighbors, friends and supporters can see how much has been accomplished and how close we are to goal. Let’s get this park finished in 2020!!

Congrats 2020 Calendar winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2020 calendar contest! The featured dogs will be:

Charlie and William
Rumple, Rikku, and Ember
Uncle Max
and big winner Maria “SUGAR” Kisses!!


We’ll have calendars for sale at the Horner Park Farmer’s Market later this season and available in our online store!

2020 Calendar Contest

It’s that time of year again!59427409_2152491544787367_8249256162583642112_n.jpg

Step 1: Donate

Donate $10 to the park. Please put “calendar contest” in the memo line.

Step 2: Send Your Photo

Send your favorite photo to media@hornerparkdogpark.org. Submissions will be accepted through May 31. Please include the photographer’s name, owner’s name (if different), and dog’s name. If the donation was made under a different name, please let us know that.

Step 3: Vote

“Like” your favorites on our Facebook gallery, and the top dogs will be in the calendar! Voting will be from June 3-9.


Fine Print:

Photos with low resolution or quality may not be accepted. Ideal resolution is 9×12″, 300 dpi; around 3MB.

No recognizable human faces, please.

By submitting your photo, you release it to be used in current and future advertising or fundraising materials by the Horner Park Dog Friendly Area Committee and Horner Park Advisory Council. You will retain the rights to your image.