Horner Park

Horner Park Advisory Council
HPAC / Dog Friendly Area

Other Chicago CPD Dog Parks

Bartelme, Mary Park (West Loop Dog Park) 115 S. Sangamon .10 acres, located north of Adams west of Peoria. Doggie drinking fountain.
Challenger Playlot Park 1100 W. Irving Park Rd. .08 acres, located east of elevated tracks and playground. Doggie drinking fountain.
Churchill Field (Bucktown) 1825 N. Damen Ave. .16 acres, located adjacent to train tracks, east of Damen. Doggie drinking fountain.
Clarendon Park 4501 N. Marine Drive .13 acres, located north of Park District service yard, north of Montrose. Doggie drinking fountain.
Coliseum Park 1466 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago IL 60605 .06 acres, located under elevated tracks. Doggie drinking fountain.
Grant Park (Grant Bark Park) 951 S. Columbus Drive .36 acres, located north and west of 9th St. Service yard south of Balbo. Doggie drinking fountain.
Hamlin Park 3035 N. Hoyne Ave. .16 acres, located at northeast corner of Wellington and Hoyne. Water supply.
Lake Shore East Park/No. 546 450 E. Benton Place .10 acres located along the southern edge of the park. Doggie Drinking Fountain.
Lincoln Park (Belmont Harbor) Belmont & Lake Shore Drive .15 acres, located east of Lake Shore Drive at north end of Belmont Harbor
Lincoln Park (Foster Beach) Foster & Lake Shore Drive .78 acres, located at north east end of Foster Beach
Lincoln Park Montrose & Simonds Drive 3.83 acres, located at north end of Montrose Beach, adjacent to former boat launch
Margate Park (Uptown Puptown) 4900 N Marine Drive .38 acres, located at Lawrence and Sheridan. Doggie drinking fountain.
Montrose Beach Wilson Street & Lake Shore Drive North end of Montrose Beach. Requires DFA tag and permit to enter
Noethling Playlot Park (Wiggly Field) 2645 N. Sheffield Ave .37 acres, located north of Wrightwood east of Sheffield. Doggie drinking fountain.
Norwood Park 5899 N. Avondale .13 acres, located just north of service yard on Avondale Ave.. Doggie drinking fountain.
Park No. 551 (Fulton River Park) 353 N. DesPlaines St. .07 acres, located south of Kinzie St. in Fulton River District. Doggie drinking fountain.
Portage Park 4100 N. Long .09 acres, located south of Berteau and west of service yard. Doggie drinking fountain.
Pottawattomie Park 7340 N. Rogers Ave. .20 acres, located east of Wolcott and south of Birchwood at north end of park. Small dog area. Doggie drinking fountain.
River Park (PAWS Park) 5100 N. Francisco Ave. .10 acres, located southeast of field house. Doggie drinking fountain.
Walsh Playground Park 1722 N. Ashland Ave. .10 acres, located west of Ashland and adjacent to train tracks. Doggie drinking fountain.
Ward, A. Montgomery Park 630 N. Kingsbury St. .16 acres, located on west side of Kingsbury south of Erie.
Wicker Park 1425 N. Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60622 .14 acres, located at intersection of Wicker Park and Evergreen. Doggie drinking fountain.

Chicago Parks District

Dog Park Application [PDF]
FAQ on Dog Friendly Areas
FAQ on artificial turf

General Info on Dog Parks

Humane Society of the United States Guidelines


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