Tell the Parks District how to spend the 2015 Budget

Budget season is here! Make your voice heard! Be the change you want to see!
We encourage you to give input and feedback on the Chicago Park District 2015 budget.

There are two ways to provide input. 1) speak at the public forum OR 2) respond to an online survey.

The Chicago Park District will host a public budget forum for all parks throughout the city on Tuesday, September 30 at Fosco Park, 1312 S. Racine. Registration to speak will begin at5:30 p.m., and the forum will begin promptly at 6 p.m.

If you prefer to provide your input online, visit and complete the questions titled:
* What one service or program in our parks needs more funding?
* How would you cut back in the event of a funding deficit?
* How would you spend $100 to improve your park?
Results from these questions will assist the Chicago Park District in its 2015 budget planning process.
Let them know you’d like to see dog parks funded. Here’s a sample answer:
The city should use the money it earns from red light cameras in park zones to fund the development of dog friendly areas. There are now as many dogs as children in the city of Chicago, and yet less than .1% of Chicago’s 8,100 acres of CPD land is dedicated to dogs. Having more — better, nicer, bigger– DFAs across the city will reduce the conflict between off-leash dogs and other users of the parks, making the parks safer for all. It will also make for better-behaved dogs and will foster a sense of community in our city’s neighborhoods by serving as a gathering place where people from diverse backgrounds can come together on common ground.
Please take advantage of this valuable opportunity to be a voice in the process and help shape our local parks!

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